MIKE NOEGRAF: “Outtrospection” – Pre-order!

Lyon. Since 2013 Mike Noegraf made himself a known artist in the alternative folk scene and beyond. With various projects and his solo-career he has toured in 20 different countries including Canada and Russia, performing with artists such as Frank Turner, Joey Cape, Dave Hause, Tim Vantol, Laura Stevenson, Joe McMahon and many more. His… Continua a leggere MIKE NOEGRAF: “Outtrospection” – Pre-order!


LOW STANDARDS, HIGH FIVES: “How personality works” – Pre-order!

We are so glad to support a such amazing band as LOW STANDARDS, HIGH FIVES is. We works with these guys and their previous bands several times and the new EP "How personality works" is a good way to join LSHF in the family! The video of "Teens in the fireroom" released few days ago… Continua a leggere LOW STANDARDS, HIGH FIVES: “How personality works” – Pre-order!

KALI MASI: “laughs” – Pre-order!

OUT MARCH 26th Coming off their 2017 debut Wind Instrument, Kali Masi’s sophomore record [laughs] is more than a collection of songs – it’s a lifeline. Driving straight through the brick walls of often difficult subjects like emotional abuse, tense friendships and feeling comfortable in misery, the Chicago punks deliver poignant and empowering anthems of… Continua a leggere KALI MASI: “laughs” – Pre-order!

Alex Gavazzi: “Blown covers” Pre-order

After the great feedback generated by the last week announce, we are glad to offer you the first taste of  Alex Gavazzi quarantine cover album "Blown Covers", enjoy "Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An" by Propagadhi! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzP-_a2C_jA Only for May 18th and 19th you can pre-order the album for a special price of 12 euro… Continua a leggere Alex Gavazzi: “Blown covers” Pre-order

ALEX GAVAZZI: 16 tracks cover album

Alex Gavazzi, singer-drummer of Jet Market, member of Thousand Oaks and Bedtime For Charlie and Hell Smell owner, strikes back with a 16 tracks cover album recorded during confinement. This new record will feature some late 90's/early 2000's skatepunk classics such as: Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An by Propagadhi The Desperation's Gone by Nofx… Continua a leggere ALEX GAVAZZI: 16 tracks cover album