Winter pack!

Black friday? Cyber Monday? Simply a good way to have great music with you! An other year is over which a bunch of great release on our side! As usual we wanna give you the chance to come closer to our label grabbing a special WINTER DEAL! With just 25 euro (shipping costs included) you… Continue reading Winter pack!

ASTPAI: End of a story

ASTPAI has been sure a significant band on the NoReason story! We met these guys many years ago booking their first italian show ever at epic Arci Dallò. We shared with them from the beginning a simple rule: PASSION (you sure remember the stencil on the Zock guitar head) Along these years they have grown… Continue reading ASTPAI: End of a story


Along these years we met deeply inspired artists with incredible acoustic stuff! This week-end we are giving you the chance to come closer to this new punk-rock perspective! MATTEO CALDARI // HANS ROOFTHOOFT // BRIGHTR // MIKE NOEGRAF // GREG REKUS Europe: 18 euro (shipping costs included)