THE ENTHUSED: “Compromise”

THE ENTHUSED are back with a new album! It is a 11 songs product titled "Compromise" and will be out next May 24th! "F*cking Up" is the first single and you can appreciate through this video directed by Andrea Melandri & Stefano Colonna! You are on the right channel if you are in love with… Continue reading THE ENTHUSED: “Compromise”

BANDAGE: “Build” pre-order

Our greek family is growing with a new member! We are proud to support BANDAGE to release their new, amazing, album "Build", which will be officially out next May 18th! Recorded in April of 2018 at Villa Giuseppe in Athens, Greece by Jacopo Fokas and mixed/mastered by Jay Maas (Getaway Recording, Boston Massachusetts / Defeater,… Continue reading BANDAGE: “Build” pre-order